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Tantric Lingam massage for men

It is an alternative for men who do not find satisfaction in eroticism or in a typical tantric massage aimed at working hard with energy. Sensual Lingam massage is a session aimed in particular at taking care of the sacred area - your sacred sexuality - with the tenderness and delicacy of a gentle presence.

This is where life begins, all your creation and creative power of manifestation.
This is where primal instincts and fire to act awaken. This is where you get to know your real self, free from the illusions and dreams of the mind.
Tantra gives space to explore this space and plunge back into the waters of innocence and purity combined with the unconditional dimension of our heart. It gives us the key to the world of spirit and introduces to the world of deep feelings that change us, transforming our current life into the one we want to experience.  

In the meeting with men, I notice a significant lack of tenderness and closeness to what is masculine, but as delicate as the female dimension of the manifestation of the divine element.  The male zone of power is still hidden and unconscious for what is close to the male heart. Hence my passion for taking care of this primal instinct in the male body, which calls for tenderness, delicacy and respect.  

The intention of touch in this massage is primarily Presence. A space where masculinity does not have to - stand, fight, be ready, constantly give. This session is a space created so that you can be with yourself, in pleasure, in freedom for your deep truth, in the nakedness of all that you are. By discovering your sensitive nature, you direct awareness to your heart, re-igniting the fire in it and regaining what you may feel you have lost years, if not generations ago.  

Rediscover yourself. Give yourself the right to be gentle and tender towards yourself. Give yourself space for love  for your body, for your sacred, which, like nothing in this world, wants you to give your consent and yours  allowing, by letting go and dissolving desires and resistances. Just be with yourself. With myself naked. With himself helpless. With myself in gentleness and trust in what is coming. Feel new. Check what it is like to be with yourself and for yourself in Love.  

The intention of the sensual Lingam massage is to gently loosen the tissues on the physical level in the sacred area, as well as to release energy stagnation, which, if left alone, cause tension, often anger and frustration. That is why it is so important to take care of this sphere in particular with tenderness and care - at the same time abandoning all accumulated thoughts and beliefs about it. It is also an opportunity to work on letting go of shame, anxiety, and other mental and emotional blockages related to sexuality.This is an especially important area to take care of if we want to experience in our life the free flow of creation, vitality, joy and lightness every day.


In sensual Lingam massage, we do not provoke ejaculation and we do not focus on the goal of achieving orgasm, although all manifestations of the body are welcome here. During the session, the whole body is looked after with special care for the sacred.The massage is performed on a mat in a cozy, warm atmosphere, so that you can feel confident and safe, giving yourself the opportunity to fully relax and let go. The massage uses warm natural oil, which additionally nourishes your skin and cares for its hydration. The duration of the full session, including logistics, introductory conversation, and short meditation, is approx. 2.5-3 hours.  

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact me 
by phone , via e-mail or messenger.

I invite you with love, 
~ A Touch of Presence ~

Czas trwania spotkania: do 3h

Donacja za rytuał i spotkanie w dowolnej kwocie od 800 do 1400 zl

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