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It is a meeting that opens you to your divine feminine on the level of spirit and body. A space for you sensual, sensual, delicate and ethereal. But also fiery and full of passion. Meeting your own center of your sexual nature will allow you to plunge into the world of feelings and the goddess fullness that you are in your essence.

A sensual massage for women in the spirit of Tantra, with particular attention to the sacred space - the sacred, which is the portal and gateway to all kinds of creation, abundance and material and metaphysical fullness - it is a choice for you if you need to feel yourself feminine again. Take care of the flow of vital forces in your own body and take care of the spirit residing in it. By taking care and concern in the form of a tender, present touch for your sacred, you allow yourself to flourish in full devotion and innocence for what you are. By letting go of thought control and re-immersing yourself in the sensations of the body, you are giving yourself space for an inner union and connection of all the opposing poles that we, as women, often experience at different stages of our lives.


The Sensual session for women is a meeting with touch, the intention of which is to establish a relationship with your femininity and femininity. It is for you if you need to rediscover a tender, loving, ethereal woman in yourself and re-engage in her intuitive guidance. The primary energy of the source, to which we as women have full access - while remaining in our femininity - is an irreplaceable medicine in every aspect of life. We can heal, transform, change, expand horizons and all spaces. All we need to connect with this gift is to allow ourselves to surrender, to let go, to have total trust in the flow of the River of Life within us.

The sensual celebration of this meeting is to serve your deep relaxation, loosening and letting go of all the feelings, emotions, knocking thoughts and energy stagnation - which, when you start your inner fire, dissolve, leaving you free and clean - back in innocence and with the lightness of openness. hearts.  

Czas trwania sesji: 2,5 - 3h
Dar za rytuał: 600 - 800pln

Love yourself with  Touch of Presence 

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