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"Dotyk Ognia i Wody"

Therapeutic relaxing massage
with elements of work on the fascia

Today it is the most frequently chosen form of working with the body with a relaxing dimension, which focuses not only on the points in the body itself. 
and a technical approach to massage as in fascia therapy, but also includes a holistic touch to the body, thus allowing a deeper sense of unity in the body.

Thanks to this, we alternately experience deep pressure on the tense tissues, as in fascial therapy, including the smooth, smoothing touch of the water element. It makes us feel cared for, even if pain occurs while relaxing the tissues. We can touch sensitive areas and at the same time dissolve discomfort into pleasure, which is extremely valuable to our brain chemistry and overall well-being.

In fascial therapy it is important to work consciously with the release during the session, and more than once  crossing your own pain threshold to be able to let go of tensions at a deeper level, also energetically. This allows us to let go of the ballast, sometimes weighing on for years.  In relaxation on the other hand, it is important to completely let go and surrender to what is flowing and flowing, thanks to which a space is created for relaxation and rest after the difficulties of releasing from the burden of life by fascial. This combination gives you the opportunity to reach deeper layers in body awareness, and at the same time gives you room to relax and deepen the sense of inner peace that comes from taking care of your whole body during the session. It is a very holistic approach to a person, their body and spirit. It allows you to deepen contact with the physical dimension as well as contact us with the energy located in it in the form of thoughts and emotions.

Thanks to this, we expand and cleanse our personal living space on a daily basis. We find a connection with our own home - in fact the only one we have - with our own body. It gives you the opportunity to feel fuller and more confident in your everyday life. By creating space within ourselves, we also have it for others, our relatives, friends and family. We build healthy relationships consciously and with love. We deepen the contact with the essence of life in us and more willingly share what we have, what we are. We find our vocation, meaning and joy in life. Feeling light, we begin to fulfill our dreams and slowly let go of all attachments, allowing ourselves the full flow of life in us. Being in this place, we can create, build and create a life that we have never dreamed of, and which is now fully available and close.

Zarezerwuj: 2h na spotkanie.

Dar za rytuał: 300 - 450pln

Jeśli czujesz, że finansowy dar za spotkanie jest dla Ciebie wyzwaniem, możesz skorzystać z częściowej lub całościowej możliwości alternatywnej wymiany energetycznej, po wcześniejszym ustaleniu.
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I invite you to my fascia-relaxation therapy for body and soul.
Give yourself a gift or surprise a loved one.
See you soon!

~ A Touch of Presence ~

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