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Ceremony of rebirth

♡ If you need to disenchant yourself from fear of life, guilt and shame

♡ If you need to stand up again in your truth and innocence

♡ If you need to meet internally with your child in you

♡ If you need to be BORN NEW in your nakedness, with everything in you and with you, in the embrace of what is, in a wrap for every bit of your body and spirit.


Rytuał Ponownych Narodzin to spotkanie z dotykiem w duchu Tantry w intencji otwarcia siebie prawdziwego żywego i czującego. Jest to głęboki proces otwierania serca, ciała, umysłu i duszy dla siebie i po siebie. Zawierający w sobie dotykanie wszystkiego, czym jesteśmy i czym nie jesteśmy. 

Ceremony of rebirth  it is a meeting with a touch in the spirit of Tantra for opening oneself in a new quality and in a new dimension than before. It is the process of opening the heart to the nondual dimension of reality that covers what Is, as is. No distinction between good or bad. It covers everything with its existence without breaking up into better and worse pieces of life. Thanks to this, it is possible to merge into One and be reborn in a new quality, in your full divinity, with all your potential, which will be able to come into being by manifesting yourself in a new reality to which nothing but your own heart will call you. Committed to the life in you. Committed to your inner truth. In harmony with the natural instincts of your primal nature, to which you will be able, you will be able to wake up all over again.

Under new conditions, without conditions. In love for yourself, for your body, for your will, needs and for the deepest truths that you want to manifest in your new life. No torture, no lies, and no self-harm. With the highest understanding for myself, for what is in you and with you. With love for the moment that is and lasts forever. With gratitude for the gift of life that you are and with the manifestation of what was originally sown in your heart. With the feeling of Freedom and the joy of being in the flesh.

The ceremony of rebirth is an invitation. An invitation to live in harmony with your own "yes" and "no". To live in flow, in the divine bliss of existence. It is a journey and a path leading to the gates of the luminous nature in you, disenchanting, de-programming, cleansing of the deepest illusions that you have so far managed to create and acknowledge as truth. For you cannot hide anything from the touch of an innocent Child, from the gaze of a feeling Mother, and with pure awareness of the fully present Father. We will invite them to travel together, so that you can finally feel loved and more loving, with all your holy family and with yourself as a manifestation of all of them.

Ceremony of rebirth  it is a form of massage with the intention of rebirth with the presence and closeness of another human being, in openness to what he wants to be accepted. It is an encounter with an innocent space for you, in letting go of everything that restricts the flow of life in you and re-creates a relationship with its essence.

The rebirth ceremony is for you if you wish to welcome yourself fully, with love for the nakedness of your feelings, with an openness to all your body and spirit residing in you. It is for you if you want to regain the joy of your child, to greet your new life in lightness, with curiosity and openness, above all, to yourself.

Because fulfillment is a connection. The combination of all the parts in you. It is a journey through every nook and cranny of your soul and body. So that you can see, so that you can see the WHOLE. The whole of yourself in union. I am full of what is, what you are. And he allowed himself, she allowed - to be who you are in your deepest nature.

I cordially invite you on a journey to a new self. For the gifts of your life. In confidence that they are right as they are. That they are needed as they are. That they are accepted in the heart. So that you can grow for yourself and for others. Bear the flowers of your dreams and give them to the whole world. 
I invite you with love for the highest recognition of yourself as the right one, the best for this moment, the most suitable for today.

I invite you to discover what you want to be discovered. In you and for you and for us. For the highest good of all sentient beings.





Zatem bądź. Odradzaj się i umieraj. Rozpadaj się i składaj wciąż na nowo. Nie przywiązuj się do tego, co było. Nie wiąż się z tym, co jest. Bo Jest tylko na chwilę. I dzięki temu może trwać wiecznie. 

Czas spotkania: 2,5h - 3h

Dar za Rytuał: 450-650 zł

Możliwa opcja masażu na cztery ręce: 850 - 1050zł

Rytuał zawiera w sobie :

~ Wzajemne rozpoznanie siebie;
~ Omówienie Twoich potrzeb, granic oraz intencji;

~ Rytuał masażu na dwie lub cztery ręce wprowadzający w nowy cykl Twojego życia;

~ Czas na integrację po masażu.

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